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     A few online resources from the textbook:   Realidades 1  (capítulo 6)     Realidades 2 (capítulos 1, 2 y 3)

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Español II, fin del año, mayo-junio 2016

This schedule is a plan:  it may change if circumstances require it













16Felipe Alou  cap. 6

17 FELIPE ALOU cap. 7

18 practice quiz

19 repaso


20 quiz  2 FELIPE ALOU and imperfecto



23 Racial Justice Day

24 FELIPE ALOU cap. 8;

explicar proyecto “Mi verano”

25 computer lab


Mi verano

26 FELIPE ALOU cap. 9

27FELIPE ALOU cap. 10



30 Memorial Day—no school

31 FELIPE ALOU cap.11

1 repaso


2 quiz  3 FELIPE ALOU & imperfect tense

3 Mercado Central

Last day to turn in Schoology work since midquarter, make up a quiz, or turn in any other late work (there isn’t much else that can be made up). 



6 Mercado Central if rained out on Friday

7last day for grades 9-11

Presentations of “Mi verano” projects. 












Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: guadalajara-sm.jpg

 fotoGuadalajara, México


Spanish I verb review -- you really need to know this . . .

Capítulo 6A

Capítulo 6B

Capítulo 1A

Capítulo 1B

Capítulo 2A

Capítulo 2B

Capítulo 3A







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          http://www.freerice.com/     See how good your English vocabulary is and get sponsors to donate rice to the United Nations at the same time.