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1 . Cap 1A vocabulario   

2.  Cap. 1A  stem-changing verbs   

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Use these anytime to review: 

Realidades 2 student page where you can find some of the links below and more. 

   web_code_box.jpg   << Look for a box like this on the Realidades student page.  This is where you enter the web codes you see at the bottom of homework pages to go to exercises for more practice.   Here are some of the web codes for this chapter: vocabulary and verb form review (material from before this chapter) --  jdd-0101;  vocabulary jdd-0102, jdd-0103; affirmative & negative words jdd-0105; stem-changing verbs jdd-0104

Capítulo 1A vocabulary list and stem-changing verb conjugations (a pdf)



Vocabulario  -- un ejercicio para practicar


Stem-changing verbs____________________________________________

Stem-changing verbs:  an animated review.  Wait for the animation to finish before clicking to the next slide to see how the verb form is put together.


A Spanish teacher out there on the Internet created this Quizlet page for stem-changing verbs.  Go through the flash cards, then try Scatter and Space Race (they’re games).  Try Speller and Test, too.  Notice that “almorzar” is translated as “to eat breakfast” – which it can mean in Spain. (In Spain, “lunch” is “la comida” and “comer” can mean “to eat lunch”.) 


Do you really know those verbs?

           cap. 1A e to ie and o to ue stem-changing verbs  

          cap. 1A e-ie, o-ue, and e-i stem changing verbs


Stem-changing verbs in a paragraph context



Affirmative and negative words___________________________________

 Words such as someone (alguien)/no one (nadie); always (siempre)/never (nunca) and so on.

cap. 1A affirmative and negative words

Practice with affirmative and negative words from Realidades

A Quizlet page for affirmative and negative words.  Go through the flash cards, then try Scatter and Space Race (they’re games).