Capítulo 1B

    A brief powerpoint review   to download


    Comparisons:  cap1b-comparativos   (see p. 2 and 3 in capítulo 1B of your cuaderno)

           Comparisons in Spanish on other people’s websites  studyspanish    studyspanish-equal comparisons      irregular comparative words


     The two verbs that mean “to know”:    cap1b-saber-conocer     (see p. 4 in capítulo 1B of your cuaderno) 

              Someone else’s website explanation of saber vs conocer


     Saying how long you’ve been doing something (with “hace . . . que”):  cap1b-hace-que  (see p.5 in capítulo 1B of your cuaderno)

              ¿Cuánto tiempo hace que estudias español?  (How long have you been studying Spanish?)

              Hace dos años que estudio español.    (I have been studying Spanish for two years.)


      Decir (to say or tell): go to the textbook’s website  phschool home    and enter the web code jcd-0813 (see the first page of capítulo 1B in your cuaderno for forms of decir)