Spanish I verb review -- you really need to know this . . .

    Here’s a copy of the “golden verb chart” that you got in class: verbos-chart.pdf  

These exercises are here to help you review a few essential topics from Spanish I.  If you use Chrome or Firefox to do these you’ll probably have fewer technical difficulties, but Internet Explorer can work, too. If you have trouble getting to these exercises using Internet Explorer, try this: Right-click on the link, then choose “open in another tab”. The tab may open up behind the current one. When you get there, click on the yellow or blue bar that you will probably see at the top of the page and tell it to allow this site. Don’t click on the X.

Subject pronouns (he, you, I, etc.)

Regular -ar verbs

Regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs  (present tense)

More regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs  (present tense) 


Ir:  where you are going and what you are going to do 

Repaso:  ir, “to go” y ser, “to be”

Más práctica con ir y ser       At  IR just the forms   Forms of IR matched with English meanings    Forms of SER matched with English meanings

¿Ser o estar?    


Sing, sing, sing!  Practice verb phrases that have more than one verb in them

Verbs and verb patterns (especially ser, estar, tener, querer, and ir)  

Study, study, study!  More practice on verb phrases that have more than one verb in them.


Verb review or games on other people’s pages

At Digital Dialects:  Spanish verbs